5 Recipes You Need to Add to Your Collection Right Now (PHOTOS)

Sunny Chanel | Feb 22, 2014 Food & Party

This isn't a public service message or a way to share five fantastic recipes with you. No, this is a reminder to myself...I must, must, MUST bookmark these recipes right now!

I make these five dishes all the time, but I always end up having to do a Google search for the recipes beforehand. They're meals my family loves -- even my uber-picky 8-year-old -- and I enjoy making. Yes, I totally swear by ALL of them.

Check out the 5 recipes you need to have in your stash:

  • Pancakes


    Image via Kevin Luizzo/Flickr

    Every single Sunday we make these pancakes. We've tried other recipes, but none of them has been as good (or as easy to make) as this one from Martha Stewart. The name "Easy Basic Pancakes" is no lie -- they are easy and basic, but they are also delicious. After finding this recipe, we swore we would never make our pancakes from a mix again.

  • Oven Fried Chicken


    Image via Henry Fong/Flickr

    This Bon Appétit oven fried chicken recipe is available on Epicurious (a GREAT resource for recipes), and while you have to plan ahead to marinate the chicken in the buttermilk mixture, it is totally worth it.

    Since it's baked in the oven, it's a healthy alternative to the traditional fried chicken, and the buttermilk makes the chicken not just tasty but moist. I tend to use a bit less of the hot sauce since my daughter isn't a fan of spicy foods, but even when you use less cayenne and paprika, it's still delicious. This fried chicken is as good cold as it is hot and makes a great main dish for picnics.

  • Turkey Burger


    Image via Dithie/Flickr

    I am generally not a fan of turkey burgers. They are often bland and taste dense and dry. But this curry turkey burger -- courtesy of Rachael Ray -- is a whole different story, and makes replacing a hamburger with a healthier alternative worth it.

    I tend to go easy on the spice, using a bit less ginger, garlic, and curry powder than the recipe calls for. But however you make this one, the end result is always awesome.

  • Meat Loaf


    Image via Kim Knoch/Flickr

    When I first saw the long list of ingredients in this Southwestern turkey meat loaf recipe, including Ritz Crackers, horseradish, and Ro-Tel tomatoes, I was suspicious. But you know what? It makes the best turkey meat loaf I've ever tried. It has a nice zing to it and a wonderful flavor. An added bonus? You can make great sandwiches with the leftovers!

  • Bread Pudding


    Image via Sarahnaut/Flickr

    There is a reason why this recipe is called "The Best Bread Pudding": It isn't just yummy, it's easy to make. This dessert is from the dethroned queen of Southern cooking, the one and only Paula Deen. Regardless of her past behavior, we have to admit the lady sure can cook. Be warned, this recipe is heavy on the sugar -- but then again, aren't all good desserts?

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