Crockpot Cheeseburgers Will Be Your New Favorite Comfort Food

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cheeseburger I'd say I'm a cheeseburger connoisseur. I love them. Love love love cheeseburgers. But I despise cooking them. I can never get the packing right or cook it properly. Plus I don't like handling raw meat. So when I heard about this crockpot cheeseburger recipe, I knew this was exactly the kind of cheeseburger I will not only love but I can cook.

So I made them. Super easy. So incredibly delicious and perfectly season. Kind of like a sloppy joe but completely cheeseburger-y. You know you want to make some. Here's the recipe.

Crockpot Cheeseburgers by How Sweet It Is:

Serves 6-8 

Prep Time: 15 minutes  Cook Time: 3-4 hours  Total Time: 4 hours


3 pounds lean ground beef

1 tablespoons olive oil

1 sweet onion, diced

2 garlic cloves, minced

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

3 tablespoons milk

3 tablespoons ketchup

3 tablespoons mustard

6 ounces sharp cheddar cheese, cut into cubes + more for topping buns

Lettuce, tomato and any other burger toppings you like.


Heat a large skillet over medium high heat and add olive oil. Add onions, cooking for 2-3 minutes until soft, then add garlic. Add in beef, salt and pepper and stir, just cooking until browned, about 4-5 minutes.

Add beef to a slow cooker along with milk, ketchup and mustard, stirring well. Add in cubed cheddar, mixing to coat. Cover and cook for 3-4 hours on low, stirring once every 30 minutes or so, especially on the edges. 

Serve on buttered + toasted buns with additional cheese and toppings.

These are seriously delicious! Enjoy!


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nonmember avatar LISA

Lol these are sloppy joes, not cheeseburgers ;) delicious although messy, thanks for the recipe looks like we will be adding cheese to them next time and cooking them in the crockpot!!

Heavy... Heavy_Pipe

Great recipe!! I tweaked it a bit but it turned out amazing.

Instead of beef, I decided to substitute it with a frozen pizza. Oh, and instead of a crockpot I used an oven to cook it in. I didnt use rolls or anything just cut it with a pizza cutter and ate it that way. Kids loved it! Thanks!

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