Hateful Restaurant Owner Gets Pranked Exactly the Way He Deserves (VIDEO)

chicaro clubGreat news, everyone! I think we've found the creepiest restaurant in America. A restaurant owner in Oklahoma won't welcome gays, people of color, or disabled people. Gary James, proud proprietor of Chicaro Club in Enid, Oklahoma, went on camera to expound upon his shamelessly bigoted perspective. "I really don't want gays around," he blithely mused. "Any man that would compromise his own body would compromise anything." Yeah, you wish, mister.

James doesn't just talk the talk. He also prints t-shirts with homophobic and racial slurs. What a shining beacon to his community! I'm sure the clientele are the most delightful people around.


When you see what the restaurant actually looks like, it just gets more depressing. I guess? Let's just put it this way: If you never manage to dine at Chicaro Club, you're not missing out on one of life's great experiences.

Offended pranksters have taken to Yelp for revenge, posting joke reviews like "the best gay and/or BDSM club in or around Oklahoma." (Looks like they took down their Yelp listing -- dang!) Someone even set up a Facebook page listing Chicaro as a gay bar.

Anyway, the consensus seems to be that almost everyone finds this disgusting. One diner admits he used to turn a blind eye to the bigotry (because the food was so good???) until he became confined to a wheelchair. Then he became yet another unwelcome customer.

I can't imagine why anyone would put so much energy into creating such a hateful, hostile environment in which to consume and digest food. Isn't this place going to put a bad taste in your mouth? Give you sour stomach and gas? I keep saying it: Bigotry is not delicious.

How would you feel about eating at a restaurant where the owner expressed these kinds of views publicly?


Image via KFOR

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