Stranger Pays for Family's Restaurant Dinner Because Their Child Was So Good

nice noteDo you feel like civilized behavior in restaurants is becoming endangered? Maybe it depends on where you eat out -- and who you dine with. But if you're of the opinion that we're losing our sense of dining propriety, maybe you ought to take a cue from this diner and try rewarding people for good behavior. An anonymous stranger paid for a family's dinner, leaving them a note commending their polite manners. Actually, it was just one member of the family who got the compliment: The family's youngest child. You have to see this sweet note!


"I'm not sure what my younger brother did," Reddit user scarecrow 180 says, "but he needs to keep it up."


Aww! The little guy introduced himself as Spider-Man. AND they met at the sushi bar -- I'm impressed. They were at one of those pan-Asian buffet restaurants, and this little kid chose the sushi bar.

But more importantly, someone chose to spread the good feelings and pay for a family's dinner (or at least the kids' dinner). Don't you want to eat at that kind of place? I mean, the restaurant owner has a lot of control over the restaurant's ambience. But so do we diners.

We have the power to encourage friendliness and civilized behavior, whatever we think that looks like. And we don't have to do it by complaining or being rude -- we can do it through kindness. I think that's why we love these "stranger paid someone's restaurant bill" stories so much, and why we keep sharing them. Goll darn it, they just give us the warm fuzzies and restore our hope in humanity. Buying a stranger's dinner is a beautiful way to pay happiness forward.

Have you ever wanted to reward a stranger by buying their meal?


Image via scarecrow180/Reddit

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