Kit Kat Cake Recipe Puts Regular Birthday Cake to Shame

Kit Kat cake

OMG. Want to really kick things up a notch for your kid's birthday this year? Then instead of going the store-bought route or whipping up a regular old birthday cake, you should consider blowing his mind with this creative Kit Kat cake recipe from

Are you believing how awesome this thing is?!? I mean, it's almost too pretty to eat -- though something tells me a bunch of kiddos at a birthday party will have no problem digging right in and tearing it apart.

Kit Kats are awesome. And so are M&M's. And then you put them together into this perfect little package and good grief I want a piece right this second.


Did I mention it's really not all that hard to make? Total plus. Check it out.

Kit Kat Cake

1 (16 1/2-ounce) boxed cake mix

2 (16-ounce) containers chocolate frosting

15 ounces Kit Kat bars (10 packs of 4)

1 (12-ounce) bag M&M's milk chocolate minis candies


Prepare cake as directed on package in two 9" cake pans. Let cool. Frost cakes generously with chocolate frosting. Break apart approximately 36 Kit Kats. Begin to place them around the cake. Tie with a ribbon, if desired. Top with mini M&M's.


Make sure your layer cakes are not taller than a Kit Kat. Freeze Kit Kats to avoid fingerprints. Use a ribbon to ensure your Kit Kats don't fall over.

Will you make this for your child's next birthday?

Image via Kids Birthday Parties/Flickr

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