6 Steps to Sensational Chocolate-Covered Strawberries for Valentine's Day

chocolate covered strawberries

Valentine's Day is coming, chocolate fanatics. And we all know what that means! Lovers everywhere are madly Googling "how to make chocolate-covered strawberries" right about now. Here's the good news ... we know how to make these delicious treats, and we show you how right here, step by step, with pictures and everything. This is going to be fun! 


Chocolate-covered strawberries are extra popular this time of year, probably because they're perfect for gifting and for serving as dessert after a romantic Valentine's Day dinner for two. And besides, they are so irresistible. The best thing about them is they're deceptively extraordinary but really, REALLY easy to make. It's true. Serve them on a simple plate or wrap them up in a pretty box, and they will definitely impress. 

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Read on for step by step instructions for pulling off some fabulous chocolate-covered strawberries. We hope everyone finds this tutorial as helpful as we found it delicious! (Slinks away wiping berry juice and melted chocolate off mouth.)

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