6 Steps to Sensational Chocolate-Covered Strawberries for Valentine's Day

Adriana Velez | Feb 11, 2014 Food & Party
6 Steps to Sensational Chocolate-Covered Strawberries for Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day is coming, chocolate fanatics. And we all know what that means! Lovers everywhere are madly Googling "how to make chocolate-covered strawberries" right about now. Here's the good news ... we know how to make these delicious treats, and we show you how right here, step by step, with pictures and everything. This is going to be fun! 

Chocolate-covered strawberries are extra popular this time of year, probably because they're perfect for gifting and for serving as dessert after a romantic Valentine's Day dinner for two. And besides, they are so irresistible. The best thing about them is they're deceptively extraordinary but really, REALLY easy to make. It's true. Serve them on a simple plate or wrap them up in a pretty box, and they will definitely impress. 

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Read on for step by step instructions for pulling off some fabulous chocolate-covered strawberries. We hope everyone finds this tutorial as helpful as we found it delicious! (Slinks away wiping berry juice and melted chocolate off mouth.)

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  • Melt Your Chocolate With Butter


    Suzee Skwiot

    Remember: ALWAYS use perfectly dry berries. Any moisture at all will cause your chocolate to seize (get all clumpy).

    For one pound of berries, melt about half pound of chocolate chips with about 2 tablespoons of butter. You can do this in the microwave: Zap for about a minute, then combine completely before heating more (30 seconds at a time if necessary). If your chocolate is too thick for dipping you can add more butter, a tablespoon at a time. Test with a berry.

  • Dip the Strawberry in the Melted Chocolate

    how to make chocolate covered strawberries
    Suzee Skwiot

    Now you're ready to dunk! Holding the berry by its leaves, dip the strawberry into the chocolate as far as you can, up to the roof of the leaves. Roll the berry around the chocolate a bit to get an even coating, and tap your hand (not the berry) on the rim of the bowl the shake off excess chocolate.

  • Place Strawberry Upright on Plate


    Suzee Skwiot

    Before you put your strawberry on a plate to dry, add a dab of melted chocolate on the plate where you plan to place the berry to help it stick. Then place the berry leaf-side down. Gently nudge into place with your fingers. Don't worry about smudging the chocolate -- when it dries, most minor smudges will even out. Placing the berry upside-down will allow the chocolate to drip further down, coating more of the berry.

  • Let Chocolate-Coated Strawberries Dry in Refrigerator


    Suzee Skwiot

    For best results, space the berries apart so they're not touching each other. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes, or until the chocolate is solid.

  • Serve Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Room Temperature


    Suzee Skwiot

    Ta-da! You can keep your berries refrigerated until you're ready to serve, but let them reach room temperature before you start eating -- they're better that way.

  • Consider Sharing Your Berries


    Suzee Skwiot

    Yum! Should you share? Yeah, probably. That's why you made 'em. But make sure you test one out just to be sure ...

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