Major Uncle Ben’s Rice Recall After Kids Fall Ill: Everything You Need to Know

uncle bens rice recallAnother major food recall is in effect, and it's been linked to the illness of children in three different states. The FDA is warning against eating Uncle Ben's infused rice products served at schools, hospitals, and restaurants. The rice may be found at institutions and restaurants, though not on supermarket shelves. How are you supposed to know? Basically don't eat any flavored rice anywhere -- that's how big this recall is. Tell your kids not to get the rice in their school lunch.

The illnesses may be linked to high levels of niacin or vitamin B3 in the rice. Mars Foodservices is recalling the 5- and 25-pound bags of rice typically sold wholesale to institutions, not at supermarkets and retail stores. But since these bags of rice may be available to purchase via the Internet or warehouse-type stores, we're giving you the recall information just in case.


The following varieties of rice sold in 2013 are being recalled -- all lot numbers:

UNCLE BEN’S INFUSED Rice Roasted Chicken Flavor (5- and 25-pound sizes)

UNCLE BEN’S INFUSED Rice Garlic & Butter Flavor (5-pound size)

UNCLE BEN’S INFUSED Rice Mexican Flavor (5- and 25-pound sizes)

UNCLE BEN’S INFUSED Rice Pilaf (5-pound size)

UNCLE BEN’S INFUSED Rice Saffron Flavor (5-pound size)

UNCLE BEN’S INFUSED Rice Cheese Flavor (5-pound size)

UNCLE BEN’S INFUSED Rice Spanish Flavor (25-pound size)

Again, Uncle Ben’s brand products sold at grocery stores are not part of the recall. Those should still be safe. The FDA is warning institutions not to use the recalled rice. Eating the affected rice could result in "burning/itching rash, headache, nausea, and flushness of skin" shortly after consuming it. Symptoms usually pass within 30 to 90 minutes. If this happens, contact your doctor -- and be sure and let the institution that fed you that rice know, too!

Have you or anyone else in your family eaten rice at school or a hospital lately?


Image via FDA

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