9 Million Pounds of Meat Recalled: We Have All the Details [UPDATE]

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UPDATE: The California slaughterhouse that processed the recalled beef voluntarily shut down. It is trying to track down all the meat it shipped in the past year. No word yet on any plans to reopen.

Look at the meat in your refrigerators, everyone -- and we do mean everyone. This is a big one. Rancho Feeding Corporation is recalling 8.7 million pounds of beef and veal because it came from "diseased and unsound animals" that hadn't been properly inspected. This is actually an expansion of a previously announced recall of just 400,000 pounds of meat on January 13. No illnesses linked to the meat have been reported yet. But here's everything you need to know to make sure you don't fall victim to this food safety threat.

Check your beef and veal packages for a USDA mark of inspection with "EST. 527" and a case code number ending in 3 or 4. The meat was shipped between January 1 through January 7, 2014 to distribution centers in California, Texas, Florida, and Illinois. Beyond that, it's not yet clear where the meat went, to which stores or restaurants. The meat was in a variety of cuts.

The recall notice states that there's a "reasonable probability" that eating the meat could result in "serious, adverse health consequences or death."

The USDA reports that Rancho Feeding Corporation "processed diseased and unsound animals and carried out these activities without the full benefit of federal inspection." This should raise a few questions for us -- starting with why the meat wasn't inspected. It's also disturbing that the meat came from multiple diseased and unsound animals, not just one. The beef processor has not responded to reporters for comment.

Lord have mercy, how did this happen? With a mess this big, I have to think multiple parties are responsible. I hope there's an investigation so we can find out where the food safety failures happened.

Were you planning to cook or eat beef this week?

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nonmember avatar lilah

As a vegetarian this kind of thing doesn't even catch my attention at all. Rarely do I worry about diseased and unsound carrots in my fridge. Vegetable protein, look into it.

Taisie Taisie

This is a good reason to practice "farm to table" if at all possible, then you know exactly where your food comes from. I know it doesn't guarantee nothing will go wrong, but like I said, it will be easier to trace. It is unfortunate that "farm to table" is frequently so much more expensive than regular grocery shopping!

chigi... chigirl1228

Don't have to worry about this. I get my beef from my dad's farm. I agree, farm to table is the way to go.

Jacee... Jacee2348

@lilah...  Guess you missed all the recalls and sicknesses and deaths from lettuce contaminations and canteloupe.  It really can happen to any food source, not just meat.  But thanks for *trying* to push your agenda on everyone.

adamat34 adamat34

Agree with jacee. Although Sunday pot roast was cancelled this week ! Not taking chances with my kids!

nonmember avatar AM

Sanctimommies unite! Who on earth would buy their food at a grocery store or eat at a restaurant. Ridiculous! (Biggest eye roll ever).

nonmember avatar lilah

Awesome! I have an agenda!? I mean I get to live longer and have fewer chronic diseases, but the agenda thing makes it all worthwhile.

Jacee... Jacee2348

@lilah - You may get to live longer, depending on whether or not some farm worker decides to sh*t in your food supply or leave their baby's dirty diaper in the field to soil the crops.  Better wash those carrot sticks good!  :)

nonmember avatar rusti

Some mistakes and missing details here...that is since january 1 2013 not just 2014. It is being recalled because an inspector may or may not have been on premise to observe animals for the day before slaughter and the day of slaughter meaning it is assumed diseased or unsound animals would have gotten through. the recall is for organs such as liver, tongue, & parts like lips, cheeks, head, veal bones and veal trim.

nonmember avatar lilah

You eat carrots too. Remember that before you wish shit on people's produce.

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