Here’s What Chicken McNuggets Are Really Made Of (VIDEO)

chicken nuggetsParents of chicken nugget fans, the veil has been lifted. We've all seen the Jamie Oliver video about how chicken nuggets are made. And we can't un-see it, especially the infamous pink slime. Well, most of us have seen the video -- I suspect many people saw the headlines and let that video pass them on by. And I can't blame you if you did. But it's led to something totally unexpected. One fast food restaurant has produced a video showing how they make their chicken nuggets.


McDonald's Canada let cameras inside the facility that makes its Chicken McNuggets. (I'm not sure this is the same facility that makes nuggets for restaurants in the U.S.) They don't sugarcoat anything. I mean, they batter coat the nuggets, but you know what I mean. In one video they show how they bone their chickens.

I totally want one of those chicken stands. Then they show you how they grind up chicken breasts and turn that mush into the nuggets we're all familiar with. It's still not pretty, but I think seeing the "before" and the "after" is interesting, and probably something kids ought to see as well -- not to scare them away from Chicken McNuggets, but because everyone should know what goes into their food.

They could have responded to the "pink slime" stories any number of different ways. But they basically said, "Okay, fine. Come on in, everybody. Here's how we make your food." It would be interesting if other restaurants did the same thing.

Did you watch the videos, or do you still not want to know? Did the videos change what you think about chicken nuggets in general?


Image via McDonald's Canada/YouTube

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