Tasty Valentine’s Day Cards for the Food Freaks in Your Life

grilled cheeseYou don't have to be all paired up on February 14 to enjoy Valentine's Day to the fullest. Sure, it's a holiday typically reserved for love birds. But if you're a foodie, it can be more than that! Valentine's Day can be a great opportunity to celebrate loads of great delicious treats that go so well together, it's clear that they are meant to be. You know, like peanut butter and jelly, or cream cheese and a bagel, maybe even Goobers and popcorn! No? I guess maybe that's just me.

If you're a single foodie, it can be hard to find greeting cards to send to your friends and family that don't send mixed signals. There's only so many cards with fat, naked, winged babies you can give folks before they start serving you up major side-eye. That's why this list of cards featuring great options for foodies in the Valentine-giving state of mind is so perfect. All of the fun and personality with none of the treacle (mmmm treacle) or cliches! 


There's such a hilarious and wide assortment of funny good food-themed cards out there. They send such killer messages of love and sweetness. "Brie Mine," says one beneath a wheel of oozing cheese. "We Belong Together" chirps a cup of coffee and the chocolate glazed donut beside it. It's kind of too cute for words.

It does beg the question, if there are sweet food-themed cards celebrating love, maybe there's a market for food-themed cards for other occasions. You know, like when you break up with someone. You send this card with a crying piece of bacon on it and it reads, "You're Bacon My Heart." You want to challenge someone to a fight while expressing your penchant for poultry? Why not send them a card featuring a drawing of a chicken wearing boxing gloves? The text above it reads "CHICKEN?" in a threatening font. With so many food puns out there, the possibilities are surely endless.

Do you buy a lot of food-novelty items or do you think they are too gimmicky?


Image via ohgeezdesign/Etsy

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