Waitresses Get 'Miracle Tip' From Customer but It Gets Even Better (VIDEO)

If you're a restaurant server, you dream of a day like this. There you are, serving your usual customers and occasionally taking a break to bemoan your lack of money with your fellow server pals, when all of a sudden -- your life completely changes. Waitresses Amy Sabani, 25, Sarah Seckinger, 23, and Amber Kariolich, 28, were working their regular shift at Boone County Family Restaurant in Caledonia, Vermont, when they hit a slow patch and began talking about the bills piling up and the school loans they couldn't afford as they folded napkins. That's when fate stepped in in the form of a blond lady they hadn't seen before. "God sent me here," she told the three of them before writing them each a check for $5,000.


The astonished waitresses tried to decline the unbelievable tip, but the woman, who the restaurant won't name, remained adamant, reportedly telling them:

I want you girls to take these to help with school and everything else in life. Yes, you can take it. You put that in your pocket. God sent me here to help you.

Wow. I wonder if they've tried to cash the checks yet? I hope they're not rubber! Heh.

Well, this is pretty incredible. Especially considering that two of the three girls weren't even waiting on the woman.

The women plan to put the money to good use. One wants to use it to spend less time working and more time with her son. The other two want to use it to pay for school. One of the waitresses, who had dropped out of school due to financial difficulties, now plans to go back and continue on her journey to becoming a police officer.

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I guess we won't know exactly what was behind this particular gesture of largesse -- maybe the woman is a millionaire who just wanted to spend it all before she died. Maybe she's got that weird "generosity disease" or maybe she's just an incredibly good-hearted person!

Either way, it's the type of thing hard-working servers everywhere dream of!

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