7 Tricks for Opening a Wine Bottle When You Don't Have a Corkscrew

wine bottleLet me just be straight with you, I love a good bottle of wine. Who doesn't? Even if you're not inclined to imbibe, a wine bottle makes for pretty much the easiest hostess gift ever. And if you are fond of the vino? All the better.

There's just one time when a bottle of wine causes a problem. I'm talking about when you grab a bottle for a party, only to realize there's no corkscrew in sight. Unless you have gotten one with a screw top (bless the person who created that pairing), you're pretty much out of luck, right?

Wrong! There are a good half dozen ways to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.


Bonus? They make for pretty awesome party tricks even when you do have a corkscrew handy!

So let's dive in, shall we? Are you brave enough to try number four?



Image via sh4rp_i/Flickr

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