20 Most Outrageous Super Bowl 'Snackadiums' We've Ever Seen

Adriana Velez | Jan 31, 2014 Food & Party
20 Most Outrageous Super Bowl 'Snackadiums' We've Ever Seen

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When they say Super Bowl, we say Snacks. Super Bowl! Snacks! SUPER BOWL! SNACKS! Yes, the snacking high holy day is upon us. Soon, people will be planning their football nosh game strategy down to the last pretzel. However, only the most ambitious will enter the hallowed halls of the Super Bowl munchies elite: The Snackadium.

What's a Snackadium? Well, of course, it's a stadium made of snacks, a beautiful (and edible) thing to behold. Whether we construct the walls with Rice Krispie treats or fill the playing field with guacamole, or we go renegade with rampant vegetables, the key is to make that Snackadium as big and outrageous as possible. And as delicious as possible, too. 

Yes, there is one Snackadium in here made entirely of White Castle burgers. 

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Here are some of the boldest, craziest Snackadiums we've seen so far. There are so many good snack ideas and stadium construction tips to get the party started. Will these be topped this Super Bowl Sunday? That's up to all the snackers out there!

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