Amy's Baking Company Is Back on TV & We Can't Wait to See the Madness

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kitchen nightmaresIt's been a few months since we last heard from the Bouzaglos and Amy's Baking Company, the notorious Arizona dining establishment from Kitchen Nightmares. Well it's official. They're back! Gordon Ramsay will return to Amy's Baking Company in the season premiere of Kitchen Nightmares at the end of February. You guyzzz. I am freaking out here! Part deux: They meet again. Mano-a-mano. Spatula-a-spatula. Yelling and more yelling. I cannot wait.

And if you think Amy and Samy are going to make nice and play along with Ramsay, think again my friends. Amy was slagging off on Gordon just a few days ago on Facebook. She posted an article about the host getting sued by his workers, calling karma:

This is what happens when you attack innocent hardworking people and accuse them of crimes they do not commit! Karma Mr.Ramsay! We are not the ones who are being sued.You are! And we will not be silenced from speaking the TRUTH, Not until our name is cleared and the WORLD finds out what you have done.

Love it! Okay, so we've established that these restaurant owners are not afraid of confrontation. And we know Ramsay's team isn't afraid to stir up some controversy. I'm wondering -- will they bring in Team Yelp? You know, the aggressive Yelp users who hated on ABC online and then were invited by the producers of the show to stir up a ruckus on the show? If you watch the episode, you may recall the scene where Samy threw one of his haters out of his restaurant.

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I guess what I'm saying here is that there's going to be draaaamaaa. And I think it's going to be fun. Oh sure, a lot of it will be manufactured. The producers of Kitchen Nightmares know what they're doing, and I doubt they're after a Kumbaya moment with Gordon, Amy, and Samy. (That would be weirdly fun, though, just saying.) Kumbaya, Karma, Team Bouzaglo, Team Ramsay. Either way, I'm looking forward to this first episode on February 28. 

What do you think will happen when Gordon Ramsay reunites with Amy and Samy?


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David Kilmer

Just want to point out that Ramsey is being sued based on financial issues with management and accounting. It is actually a very common problem among owners who own a lot AND considering Ramsey has to spend a crap load of time and energy on his shows, this crap is bound to happen. In a follow up interview he explains how every few years it seems that his management hires a couple bad apples, SOMETIMES it reults in bad management and than something like this happens.
yeah, I am a cheerleader for Ramsey :P
Anyways, I can't wait to see this premier , should be totally epic!!!

DEano Cobb

All I can say is you cant polish a turd Amy's will always be that Turd

Trey Reeves

Amy and Samy have posted this on their Facebook page as though it is a positive thing for them. And it is SO not going to be.

Derek Grant

Have you eaten there? We have and it was delicious. Amy makes it look easy and Sammy who should be enjoying retirement has on running shoes and working circles around 20 year olds. Even after the kitchen was closed they welcomed people who were stopping in for coffee and desert instead of turning them away because they were closed.

Kenny Keelan

Some people say any publicity is good publicity. I guess we'll see if there's truth to that.

Jackie Hole

I think they had their day and that this is now old very boring news - they should sell their facebook page and be done with it!

nonmember avatar Jonathan Langda

I wonder if Gordon is going to respond to Samy accusing Gordon of sexually assaulting Amy? (01:15)

Jonathan Langdale

Strange, their Facebook page, and link to the statement by Amy, seems to have been taken down?

Shawna Wensky

I hope Ramsay kicks Amy and Sammy in the a-holes and uses them both for snowshoes.

Justin Nelson

Joe Bastaniach from Master Chef and Mario Batali were just sued for 5 million and lost to their employees as well. It is not uncommon for this kind of stuff to happen in this industry, especially when they own multiple restaurants around the world like these guys do.

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