Woman Makes $9,000 a Month Eating in Front of People -- Yum? (VIDEO)

You've got to admit it: lots of us will watch some pretty inane things on YouTube just because. From videos of parents letting their kids gets mauled by cats to clips of teens shamelessly pouring their hearts out to their girlfriends, anything goes these days. One of the latest viral video trends is one I totally don't understand but find fascinating and, dare I say, even a little inspirational? It seems a great many people love to watch other people eat food.

If this "movement" has a star, her name is Park Seo-Yeon, a South Korean woman who goes by the name "The Diva." The Diva cooks big meals for herself each night -- everything from noodles to pizza and steak -- and streams herself from 8 or 9 p.m. until whenever, just sitting back at her table alone, eating every morsel of her yummy creations. And get this: she earns more than $9,000 a month from eating -- which was enough to quit her full-time job!


There are entire chat rooms where ordinary people -- mainly pretty girls -- live stream themselves digging into enormous plates of food with reckless abandon, while chatting casually with viewers as they unapologetically savor every bite of their meal. 

The Diva says she has lots of fans who want to chat with her and that more women than men stream her show -- so yeah, I guess this isn't some odd sexual fetish thing, like I originally suspected. Even cooler, one woman actually said Park helped her get over her anorexia. As weird as it is, I'll take these vids over Thinspiration Tumblr accounts and videos any day!

Like I said, I don't completely understand the fascination behind watching someone eat, but I suspect it comes as a bit of backlash against our diet-obsessed culture. We're taught to be so in control of ourselves when it comes to food that it almost seems sinful -- and it's definitely pleasurable -- to watch someone, especially a woman, give the middle finger to all that nonsense and inhale a hamburger with French fries. More power to them!

Let's have a look at some of these food videos, shall we? Starting with The Diva:

Next, we have Cindy enjoying a steak dinner:

And here's Brynn eating vegan for Lent:

What do you think of these videos? Would you watch people eat? 


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