Pop Star ‘Steals’ Arby’s Hat for Grammys & Restaurant’s Response Is Quite the Beef

Pharrell Williams almost stole the Grammy Awards ... with his big ol' hat. The rapper/producer showed up at the ultra-chic awards show sporting an Adidas jacket and a large brown fedora. It didn't take long for restaurant chain Arby's to notice that Pharrell had pilfered the chain's famous cowboy hat, which you can see in its logo.


Arby's tweeted at Williams:

The restaurant must have been beside itself with gravy-dripping joy when the Grammy winner and "Blurred Lines" singer/producer tweeted back:

Oh, snap! It's like that whole East Coast/West Coast Biggie/Tupac thing again -- only with fast food.

Arby's wasn't the only one to take a swipe at Pharrell's hat that evening. Neil Patrick Harris also joked, "Only Pharrell Williams can prevent forest fires."

I'm sure Pharrell woke up to a mountain of Arby's sandwiches on his front step this morning.

Do you think that this was all a big conspiracy between Pharrell and Arby's to get the company publicity? Or does he just like big hats?


Image via Pharrell Williams/Instagram

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