Pizza Restaurant Defaced by Disgusting Vandals Is Saved by a Good Samaritan

pizzaWhen is a pizza restaurant not just a pizza restaurant? When someone cleans your windows for free just because you're serving more than pizza. James Broderick was disappointed when he arrived at his restaurant, Little Italy Pizza Co., to discover someone had spat all over the front window. He was so furious, he took to the town Facebook page and threatened to expose the culprit via security camera footage unless the spitter fessed up and cleaned his mess. But what happened next completely made up for this insult.


Imagine how Broderick must have felt, arriving to see his business defaced so crudely. True, it's not as terrible as broken windows or spray paint. But it would still be a shock -- especially after all the time, energy, and expense he no doubt puts into the restaurant. Why would someone make such a mean-spirited attack on a pizza place?

My guess would be that it was a disgruntled former employee. We've definitely seen plenty of wars between restaurant owners and their employees, and these disputes can get ugly. But this story actually has a happy ending.

Someone did show up to clean up the mess, but it wasn't the perpetrator. Broderick showed up the next day to see a clean window with a note taped to it.

pizza letter

After reading yesterday about what one disgusting person did to your windows I decided to clean them myself because that is just not on. You have done well to build what is a community business getting people to interact with one another and building on links and friendships. Keep up the good work. LTM Cleaning.

Broderick was so touched, he posted the note on Facebook. He says he was "surprised, taken aback, and delighted." Even more than the selfless act, I think he must have been cheered that someone recognized what his restaurant contributed to the town -- a greater sense of community. It's because Broderick's simple pizza place builds "links and friendships," sending out positivity, that he got his positivity back at him.

Isn't it wonderful when a restaurant isn't just a place to eat? I'm glad someone recognized what this pizza place and its owner bring to the community and responded with such generosity. There really are people still working to keep a sense of community alive.

Do you have a restaurant in your area that feels like it's more than just a place to eat?


Images via Suoh Sato/Flickr, Facebook

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