Oreo Reveals Strangely Tempting New Flavors: 5 More We Hope They Try

oreoSometimes messing with a good thing is a terrible idea. But Oreo doesn't believe in adhering to these old cliches! It's kicking down the walls of its traditional flavors and getting its freak on! That's right, Oreo is debuting some new -- limited time only -- flavors. Welcome to the (temporary) fold, Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy

It's not like they've tried anything too jaw-dropping. I mean, things that are irrefutably awsome: cookie dough and Rice Krispies treat-type things. The idea of cookie dough inside of a finished cookie kind of skeeves me a little, but utlimately the flavor is very much like a cookies and cream ice cream. The marshmallow one seems like a real keeper. I can imagine not just feasting on it for many moons to come but also using it for cooking -- pie crust for a key lime pie, anyone?


If Oreo has their flavor-laboratory up and ready to go on standby, I think they should realllllly try and push things! Get all kind of Willy Wonka on the shopping and feasting public! Why not challenge our taste buds with more unexpected combinations. Here, I've got a few suggestions.

1.) Thanksgiving Dinner Oreo

The cookies are pumpkin flavored, the inside is a swirl of cranberry cream with a smack of turkey -- puke-worthy or perfection? YOU DECIDE! 

2.) Eggs and Bacon Oreo

Instead of a cookie, it's just two bacon crisps with a Cadbury creme egg type of center. YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT.

3.) Taco Oreo

I don't even ... know what this would be really? It would feature cheese and beef, this I know to be true. 

4.) French Oreo

Cinnamon French toast cookies with a brie filling. I can't even with how gross this list has become.

5.) The Mambo Number 5 Oreo

This is just processed Lou Bega inside of two normal Oreo cookies. #sorrynotsorryloubegaRRRAAAH!

What other types of flavors would you like to see Oreo try?


Image via mihoda/Flickr

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