10 Essentials for a Delicious Pie-Making Adventure (PHOTOS)

national pie day pieboxOh, heck yeah! It's National Pie Day. Whether you love making pie or simply eating it, like me (mmm!), today is a really big, important day for all things pie

Over on The Prowl, we're celebrating this most pie-oh-licious day with an awesome crowd-sourced roundup of pie goods -- from bakeware and cookbooks to straight-up pie fun for pie fun's sake! Before you head over to shop and add your favorites, check out these 10 pie-making essentials from our board, which offer you everything you need for the very best pie-making (and pie-eating) adventure.


1. Pie Inspiration

First, you're going to need some inspiration. If you've never had the pleasure of sitting down with a slice from Brooklyn pie shop Four & Twenty Blackbirds, now's your chance to make their recipes at home. Say hello to pies like Black Currant Lemon Chiffon, Green Chili Chocolate, and Salty Honey (oh man, this one is good!). 

pie cookbook

The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book

2. Good Ingredients & Great Crust

Good pie is highly dependent on good ingredients so don't skimp on your pie's insides. Possibly even more essential is good, flaky pie crust! Find a recipe (or a great prepared crust) you love and stick to it. 

pie tea towels kitchen

Pie & Berries Kitchen Towels

3. Pie Wear

Pie-making means wearing a very special uniform -- one that can essentially be covered in flour and globs of dough. An apron is a must; a fabulous apron is even better.


Polka Pleats Apron

4. A King Pin

If you're rolling out your own pie crust, then you're going to need a good rolling pin. They come in many shapes and materials -- from sturdy wooden rod styles, like this one, to actual rolling pins with handles. 

rolling pin

Herriott Grace Rolling Pin

5. A Cool, Marble Surface

Sure, you can roll out pie crust without a fancy marble surface. However, marble stays cooler than room temperature, which helps keep your dough from turning into a gloppy, floppy mess. A great investment. 

pastry board marble

Marble Pastry Board

6. Beautiful Pie Dish

A beautiful pie deserves a beautiful pie dish. That's a fact.

pie dish

Scandinavian Pie Plate

7. Sensational Servers 

When it comes time to dish up your pie masterpiece, you'll need the right tools for the job. A knife and a pie server. Gold ones are also nice.

pie servers gold

Gold Pie Serving Set

8. Slice To-Go Boxes 

Odds are your guests will want some of your fabulous pie to go. You also might want to pack a slice in your lunch. Be prepared. 

pie boxes

Pie Box Kits

9. Perfect Pie Tote

If you need to transport your pies, it's nice to have a good tote that fits your dessert. 

PieBox With Leather Carrying Strap

10. A Fork. 

I'm sure you have one or two of these. Now EAT. THE PIE. AND SAY YUM.

Head on over to The Prowl right now for more National Pie Day inspiration and to shop all kinds of great pie goodies. Our crowd-sourced board will delight pie makers and pie eaters alike.


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