The Truth About What Microwaving Does to Your Food

microwaveI can't even begin to tell you how many times my mother has told me that putting my food in the microwave totally zaps all of its nutritional value. While I have my doubts as to what scientist she spoke to to verify this information (answer: none) -- I have some wonderful news to all my fellow daughters, sisters, and friends of women who totally SWEAR that the microwave is anti-health.

According to CNN, the microwave may be the best way to retain nutrients. Seriously! While cooking food in any way results in a loss of some of the nutrients, the goal is to prepare your food with as little liquid as possible in the fastest way possible that exposes food to heat for the most minimal amount of time.

In translation? Meet the microwave, your healthy cooking bestie.


The trick to microwaving efficiently? Make sure to use microwave-safe plastic wraps to seal your containers once you place them inside the device. Also, be sure not to douse your microwavable food of choice with too much water as to completely wash away the nutritional value.

A few things to be careful of when "zapping" your foods? Make sure your microwave's door fully shuts so radiation does not leak out. Additionally, the FDA cautions people against the "erupted hot water phenomena," where water is indeed boiling when it shows no signs of it. Allow your food and beverages time to sit inside the microwave before removing.

Something to keep in mind: Microwaving still does remove some of the nutritional value. While you don't have to tell your mom that she has had a point for the last 10 years, you can do yourself a favor and try to eat fresh, raw vegetables when possible. A few baby carrots here, a half-sliced cucumber with dinner, and you'll be on your way to getting the proper nutrients to stay on the right track.

What do you use your microwave to cook the most?


Image via Chris Kelly/Flickr

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