Chocolate Fried Chicken & 5 Other Ways to Ruin the Classic Dish

chickensSome food combinations were just absolutely made for each other: Salt and pretzels, peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and tomato sauce. Other food combinations leave us scratching our heads or, in the worst case scenario, quietly retching into the nearest empty vessel. I'm not quite sure which combination this new fried chicken hitting the scene in L.A. falls into, but I'm leaning toward the latter. 

ChocoChicken (set to open this spring) brings together two dubious flavors: fried chicken and chocolate. Now let's be real -- chocolate and chicken isn't totally unheard of. Mole sauce, anyone? It's one of my favorite things! But creator Adam Fleischman insists that this stuff is different -- the chocolate is actually IN the batter, and it ain't mole sauce, of that he is adamant. 


Maybe it will be a hit, who's to say? I haven't tried it so I can't slander it utterly. But I can admit to being wary of messing with a good thing -- and fried chicken? Well that's practically as good as it gets, right? I don't like it when my comfort foods are messed with! But even the most delicious can be mangled if put in the wrong hands. Here are 5 ways you can mess up fried chicken.

1. Undercook It

It looks golden and tasty to be sure, but inside it's a pink, messy disaster. Ummmm, delicious, delicious salmonella. Hurts so good.

2. Add Peppermint

I don't know why you'd do this. Maybe you are a person who is always on the go and has no time for tooth brushing? Maybe you are just a monster? Maybe it's a combination of the two? Either way -- get away from me.

3. Put Safety Pins in the Batter

Because if there's anything tastier than fried bread and chicken, it's spending the night in the emergency room having your stomach pumped.

4. Add Licorice

Licorice is delicious. So is chicken. So are fried things. You know what would not be so delicious? Mixing all three together. Send in the clowns, y'all. This meal has me full of regrets.

5. Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

It doesn't matter how delicious your chicken is if you can't actually put it in your mouth. Shake and Bake is all well and good, as is Outkast, but when it comes to eating fried chicken, I prefer a smooth ride.

What weird food combinations do you actually really like?


Image via arnoldinuyaki/Flickr  

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