Man Who Lost His Wife Pays for Couple’s Dinner & Gives Them So Much More

dinner dateThink of all the dinner dates you've ever had. Any special memories? One young couple will never forget the dinner they shared at Ciccio's, in Barrie, Ontario. A stranger, an older man, paid their tab. That in itself was a terribly thoughtful gift. But he left them a note that's worth far more -- and that they'll remember longer. Lee Ballantyne had just lost his wife of 43 years. The young couple reminded him of his late wife, Carol. Here's what he wrote to them.


lee ballantyne note to diners

"Tonight I dined alone for the first time. You remind me of us many years ago..." What a bittersweet moment. My heart aches for Lee, but I love that he found a way to feel happy through this couple. There's just something special about the dinner date that makes it perfect for building memories.

Dining out is probably my favorite kind of date. I love eating, for one thing. But that aside, I love how sharing a meal lets you talk, facing each other, for hours if you want to. (As long as you keep ordering more...) If you really like the person you're with it's becomes this wonderful alchemy of chemistry, conversation, and taste, and you feel like you're building something together.

By the way, for the cynics among you, this is no hoax. Though it was originally posted on Reddit, People did some digging around and found out the story is legit. Believe in love, everyone! Or at least believe in the magic of the classic dinner date. Next time you're on one, think of Lee Ballantyne and savor your time together.

Do you have any favorite dinner date memories?


Images via Derek Key/Flickr, Turboturtle08/Reddit

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