Top 25 Healthy Snacks for Kids

Last week baby and children nutrition expert Annabel Karmel shared her top tips for getting kids to eat healthy food. Here's what Annabel had to say about the importance of snack-time:

"In terms of getting kids to eat healthy, one of the biggest misconceptions is that snacks don't matter. But sometimes snack-time is the best time to give kids something healthy and nutritious because this is the time when they are the hungriest. Timing is everything."

With this in mind we've got 25 healthy snacks to eat on-the-go (keep these in mind for holiday travel!), after school, when friends are over—anytime!


These on-the-go snacks are easy to bag, grab, and go, and won't make a huge mess in the car or on the plane:

Homemade trail mix (raisins, pretzels, granola, dried fruit, etc.)

String cheese sticks


Low-sugar dry cereal

Graham crackers

Animal crackers


Homemade healthy muffins or banana bread


These after-school snacks are perfect to hold your kids over until dinner:

Whole wheat crackers and low-fat cheese

Celery sticks and hummus

Carrot sticks and low-fat ranch dressing

Fresh berry smoothie

Applesauce with sprinkled cinnamon

Yogurt parfaits (yogurt layered with granola and fruit)

Fruit cups (in light syrup)

Peanut butter on whole wheat toast


Got friends over? These fun snacks will be a huge hit:

Strawberry and pineapple kabobs

Apple slices and sugar-free caramel dip

Light popcorn topped with Parmesan cheese or cinnamon-sugar

Frozen orange slices or grapes

Pita and peanut butter

Baked sweet potato fries

Tortilla with re-fried beans and salsa or guacamole

Sandwiches cut with cookie cutters into fun shapes

Mini English muffin pizzas with veggie toppings

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