Pizza Hut Gets a 'Makeover' That Will Change How You Eat Those Pies

pizza sliceAt last, a major pizza chain has seen the light: It's all about the slice. Pizza Hut will sell pizza by the slice! And those slices will be made from a new, thin-crust recipe. Now you can order pizza the way we New Yorkers do, one slice at a time. This will enable you to eat it the proper way, which is folded up with one hand, most often while standing or running to pick up your dry cleaning. America, this is a glorious day for pizza indeed. It's -- oh wait, there's a catch. Oh dear...


Pizza by the slice will be offered at only two restaurants for now. TWO. Apparently this is a test, not a nation-wide pizza revolution. Bummer, America! Not only that, one of the locations is actually in New York. What the hell are they thinking? We already have REAL pizza. They should be testing this out in markets where Pizza Hut is the only pizza option. I dunno, maybe they want to see if their pizza passes muster with the New Yorkers. (Laughs at desk for five minutes, tears streaming down face.)

Well anyway, the other location is in the bustling metropolis of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. OF COURSE IT IS.

I can see why they'd want to do market testing before unrolling the real thing. They're not really set up for one-slice sales, and before they made huge, expensive changes they'd probably want to work out the kinks and make sure it's something we're really clamoring for.

If it works, that might be good for your waistline. Buying by the slice kind of changes your relationship with pizza. You end up eating less of it. So really, I hope this idea catches on soon. Just, you know, not here.

Which do you prefer, pizza by the slice or by the pie?


Image via Jose Luis Pelaez, Inc./Blend Images/Corbis

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