5 Favorite Foods That Just Get 'Hotter' With Sriracha (PHOTOS)

SrirachaIf you are remotely into condiments (and who isn't), you're well-versed in the school of Sriracha or, as it is also known, rooster sauce. This Thai chili sauce with salt, tang, and sweet spice is so good, it's developed its own following. Ask around, and you're sure to meet a wide-eyed devotee.

I'm absolutely one of them, and while I don't put the tasty sauce on EVERYTHING, I've definitely put it on more foods than you'd think. The weirdest: Cereal. I do not advise this, nor do I feel the need to explain my daring do to you, gentle reader. But don't let my foolishness stop you, mother truckers.

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Be bold and get your spice on! You think you know how your favorite food tastes? Well get ready to have your mind blown, because with a dash (or a solid pour) of Sriracha, your world-view is about to be rocked just like Rush Limbaugh discovering pain pills. Click through for 5 foods made infinitely tastier with a little Sriracha!

Are you a fan of hot sauce? What weird things do you put it on?

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  • Eggs


    Image via Roman Märzinger/Corbis

    Scrambled eggs are a golden world of opportunity. A little bit of cheese, perhaps some onions or mushrooms that pique your fancy -- and a few drops of rooster sauce to transform the whole savory experience!

  • Dark Chocolate Ice Cream


    Image via Roulier/Turiot/Corbis

    It might seem weird, but a dash of the stuff on rich, dark, almost bitter chocolate ice cream? Pure perfection. Spice and chocolate are nothing new -- cinnamon and paprika and other hotter spices are often found in chocolate. They give it a warming, insanely delicious complexity.

  • Grilled Cheese


    Image via Mascarucci/Corbis

    Make yo' cheddar dance! Slap it with some Sriracha. Grilled cheese is already the most baller of all sandwiches. Prepare to craft it a tiny crown out of foil, because with the hot sauce? It's king.

  • Bagel & Cream Cheese


    Image via © Firmston, Victoria/the food passionates/Corbis

    Whatever you like to put on your bagel, the next time you're fixing it all up, try some Sriracha! This toasty wonder is elevated to a thing of beauty with an assist from the rooster. Personally, I think everything bagels work the best. Stokes out.

  • Popcorn


    Image via © Mark Webster/Corbis

    Movie going just got a whole lot foxier. Sneak your rooster sauce into the theatre with you, and add a dash in addition to your butter(-like topping). You've got instant Cajun popcorn! Trust me, you're about to become a convert.

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