5 Ways to Use Chocolate Chips Left Over From Holiday Baking

chocolate chips One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is baking up a storm. I very often have dozens of cookies neatly bundled up and on stand-by, ready to be passed off to the odd guest or friend who drops by to visit. I'm like a more rotund, less rod-in-bottom Martha Stewart.

But when the holidays are over, I'm left with the carnage. No, not all the leftover cookies (because the two words paired together are an oxymoron). I'm left with bits of ingredients. You know, the tail-end of a bag of chocolate chips just hanging out? It's tempting to just pitch them and call it a day. But why throw away perfectly good chocolate?


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If you're like me and you enjoy nothing so much as making every penny, crumb, and second count, you're looking for a more useful way of using those last remaining chips. I've rounded up a couple of ideas to inspire you, you plucky do-gooder. Happy cooking.

1.) Chocolate Chip Cookie for One

There's nothing better than a fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookie. This recipe's got it down to a science. Cook one up and share it with a friend -- or not!

2.) Greek Yogurt

Thick, creamy, and delicious, Greek yogurt pairs well with almost anything. Toss those final chips into the mix to up the flavor ante.

3.) Molten Lava Microwave Cake

This eggless, five-minute recipe for the microwave makes for a stellar dessert. Sub in the chips for the suggested modeling chocolate, and you've got a sure-fire winner.

4.) Granola

Whether your granola is homemade or store-bought, there's no reason you can't punch it up by tossing in those leftover chips. They make for a delicious addition.

5.) Indulge

Leftover chocolate chips, you say. What are those? You're my type of cookie. Sure, you could go to a lot of fuss with your chocolate chips, or you eat those stray morsels from the bag while wearing your coziest jammers. Bonus points if they are dark chocolate -- good for your heart!

How do you deal with excess chips?

Image via Andrea Goh/Flickr

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