Couple Leaves Crystal Meth for Waitress Instead of Cash Tip

tipsRestaurant tip stories often run the gamut between the utterly heartwarming -- people leaving $6,000 for one waitress because she was a foster child -- to the absurd -- people stiffing waitresses and waiters for no reason. But even among those stories, I think this one takes the cake. An Oregon couple tipped their waitress with crystal meth. Oh yes. You read that right. She was tipped in drugs.

This all happened in a steakhouse in Seaside, Oregon when a couple who paid using a gift card tried to tip their server with an envelope marked with a question mark. Inside was a stash of the crystal meth they'd been cooking.

What isn't clear is how the waitress knew what she was looking at. Maybe she asked. Honestly, I would have no idea what crystal meth even looks like. But then, she called the police. Police arrived and found the woman still holding 17 ounces of the drug. Then they found a meth lab in the couple's room at the Holiday Inn. Dumbest dealers ever? Yes and no.


Yes, it's incredibly stupid to leave a tip of drugs for a waitress they have no sense about. Not EVERYONE appreciates crystal meth. In fact, I'd say most of us would be horrified by it and would do exactly what this waitress did.

However, if this was their livelihood and worth a lot of money to them, then at least they were trying. It's kind of a sad statement on their state of mind and how out of it they must have been to think this was appropriate. On the other hand, there are so many stories of stiffed waitresses and customers who think it's fine to run up a $400 tab without giving their server a penny.

At least they tried, right? There is no excuse for it and it was dumb, dumb, dumb, but I do feel badly for them. Their hearts were likely in the right place even if their heads were not.

Now they will go to jail -- and rightly so -- and maybe next time they won't eat out until they have cash on hand. I am sure 99.9 percent of servers would much prefer that.

What do you think these people were thinking?


Image via Bradley Gordon/Flickr

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