Baker Sends Disgusting Engagement Cake to ‘Shame’ the Bride & Groom (PHOTO)

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Anyone who has ever been married or has had the honor of being part of a bridal party knows the bride isn't the only one who gets stressed out before the big day -- just ask Micaela Harris. The bride-to-be's sister got into a heated argument with the baker who was providing a cake for Micaela's engagement party. Instead of chalking it up to party preparation jitters, the New Zealand baker decided to have the last laugh -- on the poor, innocent bride -- by delivering a grotesque cake that you have to see to believe (note: that adorable cake in the photo to the left is so not it).

So here it is in all its glory!

No, your eyes are not deceiving you -- that is indeed a black poop-shaped cake with a flag sticking out of it that reads, "Eat s--t."

The bride and groom opened the box to their marvelous dessert in front of 100 guests, all of whom were obviously shocked by what they saw. It apparently took awhile for Micaela's sister to put two and two together and explain that the baker was holding the longest and strangest grudge ever by accepting the sister's money and then putting her career on the line by sending them this nasty cake. 

Here's where the story gets even more insane: instead of being embarrassed and crawling into a hole, Emma McDonald, the cake maker and owner of Oh Cakes, posted the photo of her poop cake onto her Facebook page and said: "Clients been f*****g me around and I've had a guts full so guess what they get!"

Jeez. How about sticking to your guns as a businesswoman instead of seeking revenge by ruining one of the most memorable days in a couple's life? The food -- and particularly the cake -- is so important at a wedding or engagement party. It's the cherry on the top of the celebration. Cutting into a cake together is incredibly significant for many couples and to have it ruined by an angry baker is juvenile and absurd.

As a wedding food vendor (read: big, big money at stake), I have no idea why you'd risk your livelihood to stick it to a client. Brides, grooms, and their family members aren't just looking for delicious food, they want to work with vendors who can be trusted to deliver on one of the biggest days of their lives and who understand the stress involved in planning a wedding. 

Shame on this baker for betraying a bride's trust. I totally feel for this bride and groom and hope they were able to laugh at the situation and not let it ruin their day. 

Did the baker go too far sending this cake or was she simply getting back at an "annoying" customer the only way she could? 


Images via Visual.Dichotomy/Flickr & Facebook

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adamat34 adamat34

She be more.than annoying....something isnt being said. I dont see why this baker would risk her entire career for an annoyance.....funny shit lol

Baile... Bailey8307

Well at least it isn't the wedding cake! I do think the baker was unprofessional, though. I personally wouldn't want to do business with someone who behaves that way.

nonmember avatar saoirse

Hats off to the baker! Hilarious!! I am sure there are rude details that we will never know dished out by the wedding party. I agree, no one would risk their career for a petty annoyance. I am sure it was eatible. Just not as eye pleasing as I am sure they were ecpecting. :)

Todd Vrancic

You get back at an obnoxious customer by refusing to stoop to that level.  If I owned a business, I wouldn't risk it for a fleeting feeling of revenge.  If the customer is that obnoxious, you politely ask them to take their business elsewhere.

merma... mermaid13dragon

That business is going to tank. Never in a million years would I trust some ass who behaved that way towards anybody! Please list the name of the baker and business so I can write mean reviews, what a jerk!!!

Zenezzy Zenezzy

I think the business is going to be getting a lot more customers who want to send that cake to someone.  I find it hilarious.

Janice Pomales

The woman ordering the cake broke the cardinal rule as far as the food industry goes: Don't f- with the people who handle your food.

nonmember avatar ago

You can read her comments if you click the link. She's hoping it'll catch on. So it's for publicity too. Hope she goes out of business because that's mean even if she was frustrated. She should have just told them no.

nonmember avatar Victoria

That is so wrong! If I were that couple I'd be suing! They paid for a specific cake, sorry the sister was a bitch, but the baker could have returned the moneys and told her to go elsewhere. Taking their money, promising a respectable cake, then delivering literally a pile of shit is so inappropriate, unprofessional, and down right wrong makes me sick. I hope the baker loses her business! You don't get into a service industry job with our being prepared for rude customers, they're just par for the course! And the baker is punishing the couple, not the sister who was the rude party! How is that right?

2baby... 2babymomma

I would take it and go smear it on her store front

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