Starbucks Threatens Bar for 'Frappicino' Beer & Gets Brilliant Letter Back

A bar in Missouri called Exit 6 used to sell a beer called “Frappicino,” or at least they did until Starbucks caught wind of it and sent them a cease-and-desist letter earlier this month. It seems as though the coffee house giant was concerned that people might mistake the beer for their popular, similarly named Frappuccino.

The owner of the bar, one Jeff Britton, ceased and desisted immediately and complied with a written guarantee that he would no longer serve the offensively named imbibement. The man is hilariously brilliant, and I want to go to Exit 6 now or at least toast my next beer to Mr. Britton.


The very official letter from the Starbucks legal team came via certified mail and very sternly informed Britton of his copyright infringement by using the term “Frappicino” for a beer. They asked him to knock it off immediately, albeit more legal-y than that.

They asked him to:

  1. Cease and desist all use (or agree to refrain from re-commencing use) of the term “Frappicino” or any other mark that is likely to cause confusion with Starbucks Coffee Co.’s FRAPPYCCINO mark in connection with your products or brewery.
  2. Notify Untapped to remove the referenced listing from its website; and
  3. Agree to refrain from further use of any Starbucks Coffee Co.’s trademarks in the future, as well as any marks that are likely to cause confusion with or dilution of those marks.

Mr. Britton complied. Oh, did he comply, and in the best way possible. He wrote a letter back to the legal team, promising to not use the "The F Word" anymore, so as not to risk further lawsuits.

Brilliant. I love the PS: "Phrappaccino."

But wait -- there's more!

Just to make sure that Starbucks knew he wasn't trying to rip them off, he sent a check for the profits made off the three beers in question.

I'm no lawyer, but I'm going to go ahead and say Case Closed.

Do you ever confuse beer and coffee?


Image via Mark Ordonez/Flickr

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