Woman Finds Frog in Her Salad at 'Healthy' Restaurant Chain (PHOTO)

Every time you go out to eat, you risk finding something you didn't order. It's still very rare, but some things allegedly found in food that weren't on the menu include a "brain" found inside KFC chicken; a fingernail found in baby food; and needles found in airline food. My grossest "find" was when I ate at a Thai restaurant in Manhattan and asked for a doggie bag. When I opened the container the next day and spooned out my food, I realized that below my food was someone else's food. I assume there was just a mix-up in the containers and two portions of leftovers got put into the same doggie bag, but who knows. Did not want to eat it after that. Now here comes another gag-inducing food find: A woman who was digging into a nicoise salad bought at Pret A Manger allegedly found ... a frog.


The woman, who works at the Wall Street Journal and didn't want to be identified, allowed her coworker to snap the critter -- which was dead and laid out on the leaves like an ornamental vegetable -- and post it to Instagram. Amazing how well the little guy blended in with the lettuce.

Woe to companies whose customers find nasty stuff in their food these days, because these things can really get around quickly with social media.

I eat at Pret A Manger pretty often, so this was a big eye-popper for me. Enough to put you off salads forever.

However, the company had an explanation: It says since it doesn't use pesticides in its lettuce, some "organic matter" can sometimes slip through the cracks. They've also apologized to the customer and offered her a free meal -- which she will probably take a long time to decide if she wants.

This isn't even the first time Kermie has been found in lettuce -- one woman who found a live frog in her salad at Costco decided to keep it as a pet.

As for Pret A Manger, the "organic" excuse is a bit lame considering the frog was dead, but maybe it died in transit. Poor little dude.

Anyway, I guess I'd rather have a dead frog in my greens than cancer-causing pesticides, though it would definitely take my brain eons to forget that disturbing image and want to grab a fork again. Even if the French pay good money for le froggy.

That said, there is always the chance this frog was planted (get it?) too -- seems like everyone wants to be a social media star these days.

RIP (ribbit in peace), my friend.

Would this turn you off organic food?


Image via Kathryn Lurie/Instagram

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