5 Weird Food Combos We Want to See in 2014 (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | Dec 27, 2013 Food & Party
5 Weird Food Combos We Want to See in 2014 (PHOTOS)

cronut2013 was the year of the hybrid food. I've eaten enough cronuts and ramen burgers to exist as living, fat-filled proof that this true. I understand the logic behind creating a whole new food out of two awesome ones. I mean, in a way, what's not to understand? Making something something new that's guaranteed to be a twice as delicious? I support this utterly.

But by the same token -- enough is enough! The phrase "gilding the lily" comes to mind. While sometimes too much of a good thing can be wonderful, usually it just makes us sick. There's a reason France hasn't been making cronuts for years -- and that's because the French don't see the merit in stuffing yourself with super-rich goodies until you are nauseated. 

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It sort of makes you wonder, if the hybrid food trend is just starting to take off, what sorts of food monstrosities should we look out for in 2014? I've dreamed up a few gastronomic nightmares to inspire you. Look out cronut, there's a new pastry in town!

What food hybrids would you like to see?

Image via joyosity/Flickr

  • The "Baffle"


    Image via shawnzam/Flickr

    You love bacon. You love waffles. Now you can love them both. Together. At the same time. This waffle is made of ground bacon, then grilled to greasy perfection and topped with syrup, chocolate chips, and whipped cream. The only downside (other than being able to hear your own blood thicken as you eat it) is immediately feeling like you mouth has to take a shower after taking your first bite.

  • The "Cakecake"


    Image via Michele Hubacek/Flickr

    The only thing better than eating a pancake for breakfast, is eating an entire cake for breakfast. This Cake/Pancake Hybrid makes it socially acceptable to treat everyday like it's your birthday and you didn't invite any friends over because you are greedy! The icing really gives you that "it's okay that cocaine is illegal" kickstart to your day. 

  • The "Cheddae"


    Image via Richard_North/Flickr

    Sure, you think as you eat your ice cream sundae, this is delicious and everything, what with the hot fudge, and the nuts and the ice cream -- but you know what it's really missing? Cheese. With the "Cheddae", seventeen scoops of pliable cheddar balls are added to America's favorite ice cream treat. A bag to vomit it back up into will cost you thirty cents extra. But the memories are priceless. 

  • The "Salickers"


    Image via torbakhopper/Flickr

    For the health enthusiast! A small salad of spring greens, complete with a light citrus dressing, almond shavings, yarrow leaves, tomato wedges, and eight crumbled up Snickers bars. 

  • The "Unspeakable"


    Image via scion_cho/Flickr

    You're not the average foodie. You've got a major-league, selective palate, that is only tantalized by the rarest flavors. With that in mind, we've worked up this scintillating, meaty dish. Sure, we've hidden the main ingredients beneath whipped cream and sparklers, but we know one bite is all it will take to hook you. Taste the most forbidden protein of them all! We call it, the "Unspeakable", the police arresting us for making it call it, the "Oh My God Is That Human Flesh? IT IS. IT'S HUMAN FLESH". Potato, potah-to, I say. Potato, potah-to. 

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