5 Weird Food Combos We Want to See in 2014 (PHOTOS)

cronut2013 was the year of the hybrid food. I've eaten enough cronuts and ramen burgers to exist as living, fat-filled proof that this true. I understand the logic behind creating a whole new food out of two awesome ones. I mean, in a way, what's not to understand? Making something something new that's guaranteed to be a twice as delicious? I support this utterly.

But by the same token -- enough is enough! The phrase "gilding the lily" comes to mind. While sometimes too much of a good thing can be wonderful, usually it just makes us sick. There's a reason France hasn't been making cronuts for years -- and that's because the French don't see the merit in stuffing yourself with super-rich goodies until you are nauseated. 


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It sort of makes you wonder, if the hybrid food trend is just starting to take off, what sorts of food monstrosities should we look out for in 2014? I've dreamed up a few gastronomic nightmares to inspire you. Look out cronut, there's a new pastry in town!

What food hybrids would you like to see?

Image via joyosity/Flickr

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