Red Lobster Is in Danger of Going Out of Business for Good

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red lobsterGrowing up, I remember dinners at Red Lobster as such a treat. For a middle class, middle-American family like ours, it always marked a special occasion. Well, recent news means it could be the end of an era for fans of the chain. Red Lobster could be closing all of its 705 locations, and it looks like Olive Garden (owned by the same parent company) won't be opening up any new restaurants in the near future. That means one sad fact for millions of families:

No more tasty AND affordable meals out. The restaurants have been hard-hit in this ongoing recession, and the plan is to sell or spin off the Red Lobsters.

Dinner at Red Lobster may not sound like such a luxury to wealthier Americans, but for many, it's still the place to go celebrate anniversaries, new jobs, date nights, and much more. And while I haven't been there in years, I still have fond memories. I went on my first date there! Lobster is expensive, and an affordable place to get it is something many diners greatly appreciated. But, I suppose, not enough of them. Execs say patrons dropped significantly in recent months. Apparently, the lure of high end fast food places like Chipotle may have taken away customers.

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So the company will scale back growth of Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouses. But Red Lobster is on the chopping block. If the attempt to sell or spin off doesn't work, it could mean no more "Lobster Fest."  

It’s certainly disheartening to see another American institution crumble.

It evokes the same emotion as when we heard that Hostess was closing down and the Twinkie would be no more. Fortunately, the product was bought by another company and saved. It’s unclear if Red Lobster will have the same luck. So for now, shellfish lovers take note: get your budget-friendly crab legs and cheesy biscuits now. They may not exist much longer.  

Are you sad to see Red Lobster go?


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Roxygurl Roxygurl

Are you sure you read the articles about red lobster? I didn't see where they said they would close down the restaurants, just that they want to sell red lobster.

work4... work4mickey

You haven't eaten there in years. If a lot of people are the same, no wonder it's going out of business. Loving an establishment won't save it if you don't patronize it (likewise hating an establishment won't close it down if you do patronize it). I like joes crab shack better anyhow (I know they don't serve lobster, but lots of other great seafood, pretty good prices).

nonmember avatar NoWay

Hmmmm ... I guess living on the East Coast has me spoiled. There is no lack of lobster here. Weathervane, Newicks, and if I drive an hour to the coast, there are numerous lobster / seafood places. All of the supermarkets and WalMarts sell lobster ... sometimes as cheap as $3.99 a pound. I was never a fan of Red Lobster.

nonmember avatar April

Honestly, I find Red Lobster to be over-priced for what you get and it's not so fresh (the lobster is, nothing else). While I LOVE crab legs, I can go to the Chinese Buffet and get as many as I want for 10 bucks, where at Red Lobster i will get a few for 17 dollars. red Lobster is pretty tasty, over all, but I'd rather spend less money than they want to charge

mande... manderspanders

Olive Garden and Red Lobster are "affordable"?? Where the hell do you live? We have to drive at least 100 miles one way to find either one of those restaurants, and we'll only go to Olive Garden IF it is a special occasion (and we happen to be in that town) because it is so expensive... a dinner for 2 that costs $40+ is NOT hardly affordable - that's expensive.

k8edid k8edid

Red Lobster is neither affordable nor tasty. And the same goes for Olive Garden. Though it will be a blow to my town - RL is the restaurant you take your date to when you want to "get lucky". LOL

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I really don't care, I've never been. I never much cared for seafood but when I did eat it occasionally I would go to a decent place. Olive Garden is OK in a pinch when other options are scarce but I have never felt the need to eat substandard budget lobster.

Tyson Fricker

No. There are plenty of affordable, much better quality seafood restaurants. Although those biscuits were terrific.

adamat34 adamat34

Red lobster is overpriced for what u get. Late 90s they had all u can eat crab mondayss.....that was the highlight..

Julia Saenz

sounds like a blessing in disguise with all the toxic chemicals they were swimming in

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