5 Hostess Gifts Under $20 -- That Look Like They Cost More! (PHOTOS)

Nate Berkus Stoneware Vase - Gold (10(Target, $17.99)If you're still searching for the perfect hostess gift, then look no further. Over at The Prowl, we know that small gifts can go a long way when you want to show the hostess your appreciation. That's why we rounded up some of the prettiest and most affordable hostess gifts, which all cost $20 or less. These may be wallet-friendly gifts, though they look anything but cheap. It doesn't take a lot of money to buy something chic that the hostess will love. 

Check out this preview of affordable hostess gifts, then head to The Prowl for even more chic gifts under $20!


Gold Glazed Oval Platter

Dauville Small Gold Glazed Oval Platter by Canvas | BURKE DECOR

Platters are useful gifts that any hostess will appreciate. This shiny platter (Burke Decor, $16) is extra stylish and the gold paint gives it a holiday look.

Snowflake Ornaments

Lenox 2013 Snow Fantasies Snowflake Ornament

Snowflake ornaments are great gifts because they can be displayed anytime during the winter. This snowflake ornament (Bed, Bath & Beyond, $19.99) is simple and there is little chance of it clashing with the hostess' holiday decor.

Decorated Playing Cards

Gold-Dipped Playing Cards

You can bring a pack of gold-dipped playing cards (Anthropologie, $18) for the hostess, which may even lead to a post-dinner game. 

Decorative Photo Frame

Threshold Picture Frame - New Cream 4X6

With all of the photos that are taken over the holidays, the hostess is probably in need of a new picture frame (Target, $12.99). Go for a frame that's decorative and reflects the hostess' style.

Stoneware Vase

Nate Berkus Stoneware Vase - Gold (10

Gift the hostess with a trendy gold vase (Target, $17.99) that she can use to hold flowers or display on its own!

Are you still looking for the perfect hostess gift? Head on over to The Prowl where you'll find more gift ideas and inspiration!

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