Where to Buy Christmas Gifts On December 25th

Christmas Day Shopping

With six fewer shopping days in the Christmas season this year there's no doubt plenty of us will be taking it down to the wire. I know I will certainly be one of them.

The not-so-great news is that the pickings will be slim.

Most of the retailers that have been keeping marathon hours since Thanksgiving will be dark on the 25th.

Still, that doesn't mean we're out of options. 

Here are a few spots to score some last minute cheer.


7-Eleven. Who couldn't use a Lotto ticket? Or, how about picking up the soon-to-be-travelers you know a stash of magazines and candy. Endless options for the creative.

Walgreens. Small gifts, chocolate treats, wrapping paper and, well, essentials that everyone needs. Why not give a year's worth of bath products? Many stores will be open from 8am to 6pm.

CVS. Same as above. Also, don't forget to hit the rack of pre-filled gift cards.

Starbucks. Select locations will be open and happy to sell you mugs, CDs, and, obviously, an ample supply of beans.

IHOP. Unconventional, to be sure. But an Eggnog pancake breakfast delivered on Christmas morning sounds like a fantastic gift, actually. Select locations will be open.

Denny's. Cater an entire post-present-opening brunch/lunch with down-home comfort food as your gift.

Do you inevitably leave Christmas shopping till the last minute?

Image via Flickr/Myeralan

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