Major Grocery Chain Drops Chobani Yogurt & Your Kids Aren't Going to Like That

chobaniYou guys, our favorite couple just broke up! Whole Foods is phasing out Chobani yogurt. I can't believe it. They were sooo cute together. What went wrong? Is it because of Chobani's not-officially-a-recall recall this summer? Or does Whole Foods want to (GASP) see other Greek yogurts? How could they! And where will you get your Chobani fix now?


First of all, do not panic. Chobani is sold all over the damn place. Whole Foods accounts for only half a percent of their sales.

When Whole Foods announced that it would stop selling Chobani yogurt, there was a flurry of concern from its fans -- including moms. I think we all know what it's like to get attached to certain foods, especially when it's actually our kids who love them. Yogurt is a huge favorite of kids, and they can get picky about certain brands and flavors. So when you show up at your usual grocery store and YOUR yogurt isn't there ... ugh! And it's not like we have time to make a shopping trip to a second store just for yogurt. (Confession: That is totally something I'll do for my favorite foods, actually.)

My first thought was that Whole Foods might be breaking up with Chobani because of that recall in September. But Whole Foods says they just want to make room for other, new yogurt brands. Nothing personal! Some people think Whole Foods might even be thinking about making its own line of Greek yogurt. And why not? People are CRAZY about the stuff.

So that's something to keep in mind. If you and your kids love Greek yogurt, you're not alone. It's extremely popular right now and you're going to find it everywhere, even if it's by different brands. And yeah, different brands do have different tastes, I know. But maybe your kids can accept a new Greek yogurt in their lives? 

Or maybe you don't shop at Whole Foods anyway, so this is all moot! At any rate, you guys can have your Greek yogurt. That just leaves more Noosa "yoghurt" for me.

Are you a fan of either Chobani or Whole Foods? How do you feel when a store stops selling your favorite brand of something?


Image via Meng He/Flickr

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