6 Real-Life Christmas Cookie Fails That Had Us All in Giggles

christmas cookiesAh, Christmas cookies. It seems like such a sweet thing to do as a family and yet never turns out quite the way you planned it. With mine this year, I saved it all for one day, which meant last Sunday, I stood in the kitchen for six-plus hours, producing eight batches of cookies, all from scratch. 

The sugar cookie dough had to be chilled overnight, as did the gingerbread, so the next day we rolled it all out, cut it, and shaped the gingerbread house. This was followed by baking. So last night, we broke out the frosting with glee! It was the best part!

My husband and I made the first 20 as giveaways and then we gave free reign to our 5- and 6-year-old and told them to "be creative." They took us pretty seriously. Below, find their 6 most "creative" Christmas cookies. We had a huge kick out of these and I am sure someday they will, too.

  • Star of Terror


    FAIL: What does this star want?! His wide open mouth seems to be laughing, but at what?! AGH. Run!

    FIX: Clearly we could have lost the eyeballs here. And possibly used some of those pretty silver edible balls.

  • Ginger (Walking) Dead?


    FAIL: As my husband said, "This one looks like a homicide victim. Or someone with pink eye." Shiver.

    FIX: Maybe use white? And a pastry bag. And again, LOSE those eyeballs!

  • Sad Reindeer


    FAIL: This HAS to be the reindeer that ran over grandma. This explains the purple. It's just. Horrible.

    FIX: Key point here: WALK AWAY FROM THE PURPLE SUGAR SPRINKLES. After that? Just hope there are better cut-outs in the bunch.

  • One-Eyed Stocking


    FAIL: Why does this stocking have an eye? Perhaps a better question: Why is its one eye on the top? Ask my 5-year-old.

    FIX: Clearly all we need here is just to flip the photo. There! Done. Look out Martha Stewart!

  • Cyclops Santa


    FAIL: As my husband said: "The unblinking eye of Santa knows when you are sleeping."

    FIX: Well, first, let's do away with the eyeballs, shall we? And then: A little red on the hat, a ball of white at the end of the hat, black buttons, and perhaps a smile.

  • Squawking Chicken (Er, Reindeer)


    FAIL: Hubby says: "This is supposed to be Rudolph. Which is funny, because HE'S SCREAMING AT US!"

    FIX: Sorry, this one is perfect the way it is. Wouldn't change a thing!


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