7 New Year’s Mocktails Even the Kids Would Love

mocktailsWhile everyone else is busy gluggling the gluhwein and spiking the eggnog, a few people might want to abstain from all alcohol this holiday season -- and I'm not just talking about kids. You don't need booze to enjoy a fun holiday beverage. We've got plenty of mocktail ideas for anyone at your New Year's celebration, no matter their age. Hope you love bright, refreshing flavors!


1. Black Currant Cider -- You could use grape or cranberry juice instead for this recipe. But I think black current makes it just a little more special for the occasion. Just add sparkling apple cider and a little lemon juice.

2. Rudolph's Nose -- This fun sparkler is made with ginger ale, raspberries, and orange juice. 

3. Virgin Hibiscus Cosmopolitan -- Maybe you call this something else if you serve it to your kids? But I love the bright, tangy flavor of hibiscus. 

4. Roman Holiday Mocktail -- I love the sophisticated flavors in this cocktail of amaretto and blood orange. It's for the Audrey Hepburns among you.

5. Cranberry Kiss -- Mint and lime bring out the best in cranberry juice for this fun, holiday mocktail.

6. The Meg Ryan -- Bubbly and accessible, just like its namesake! This mocktail combines berries, honey, lemon juice, and soda.

7. Tequila Sunrise Mocktail -- This orange juice-based cocktail is exactly what your New Year's Day brunch needs.

Do you have a favorite mocktail recipe?


Image via scissorfighter/Flickr

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