20 Ridiculously Cute Christmas Desserts That Taste as Good as They Look

Adriana Velez | Dec 15, 2017 Food & Party
20 Ridiculously Cute Christmas Desserts That Taste as Good as They Look

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One of our favorite things about Christmas desserts is that they're usually just as pretty as they are delicious. Who doesn't love decorating the table with something colorful, adorable, and scrumptious? The holidays are a festive time in general: from Christmas lights to all that glitter and sparkle, plus everything shaded in greens, reds, and silvers. Obviously, it makes sense that holiday desserts are also tricked out and as adorable as can be. 

But don't stop at boring gingerbread houses. (No offense, gingerbread folks.) Kids love the creativity and fun that go into decorating holiday treats -- almost as much as they love eating them! (Us too, TBH.)

Plus, adorable Christmas treats make the perfect gift for people who are typically hard to shop for, like teachers, neighbors, or hosts. After all, who wants to gift others a last-minute item that they might not even need? We would take a cutely decorated homemade dessert over a pair of socks any day. Just package up a few of those babies in a pretty mason jar, or seal 'em up with a nice ribbon. Ta-da.

We rounded up 20 absolutely adorable holiday desserts that would kick any regular ol' dessert right out of the water. (Although, yes, all desserts are great, we know.) From snowball cookies to pretty little truffles, these are the desserts to add to the baking list this holiday season. 

(Just try not to eat them all before the next holiday party!) 

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