5 Festivus Recipes for a Holiday Menu for the Rest of Us

m&m cakeIt's that time of the year, my friends. No -- I don't mean Christmas, although merry merry and good luck with all that. I mean the festival for the rest of us: Festivus. This is the holiday made famous by the ancient television show, Seinfeld, in which we all stand around the aluminum Festivus pole and air our grievances. Then we perform feats of strength. It's really that simple, and I honestly don't understand why this holiday isn't more popular, especially with those of you with children.

Oh wait, now I remember why: Because no one knows how to cook for Festivus. Well never you fear! We have a Festivus recipe roundup that will help you prepare a feast -- no, actually, it's not going to be a feast because that would not be in the Festivus spirit. But with a minimum of effort, you can present a holiday meal that will embarrass no one.


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