The 1 Thing in Your Refrigerator That SHOULD Be Organic

milkAt this point, we all know that buying organic foods whenever possible is definitely the way to go. But going full-on organic can be so expensive. Where can we cut corners without risking our health?

When it comes to produce, it's best to operate using the thin-skin rule. If the food has a thick skin you peel and discard (like say that of a banana or an orange), you can get away without buying the organic iteration. With fruits like apples, grapes, and tomatoes, it's better to spend more for your health.

But what about dairy? Standing in front of the cheeses, creams, and milks, there isn't a set-rule for when going organic is a must. A new study might have just made things a little easier for us. What they found out about milk will change the way you shop organic forever.


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It turns out that whole, organic milk is absolutely the best thing going. Not only does it taste good, but whole, organic milk contains way more of the fatty acids that keep your ticker healthy than its not-so-organic counterparts. In fact, whole, organic milk is so good for your heart that experts are now saying that drinking it regularly could reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease!

But how can organic milk be so much better for you than regular milk? Easy! Under the guidelines for organics, cows on Organic Dairy Farms must spend considerable time grazing and eating grass. Wouldn't you know it -- grass is super high in omega 3s, which the cows then pass on to us by way of their milk.

All milk is good for you -- even non-organic milk from cows who eat a mainly corn-based diet. But this study now indicates that whole, organic milk is just plain better. I've long made it a point to buy organic (hormone-free) milk for my home. My brother gives me a load of grief about it claiming it doesn't make a difference. Thanks to science, he's going to have a lot of crow to stomach when I get home from work. YAY SCIENCE. 

Do you shop organic? What are your "musts" when it comes to organic shopping?


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