Waitress in Shocking Lesbian Tip Hoax May Have Also Lied About Donations

Dayna MoralesRemember the story about the waitress in New Jersey? To refresh your memory, this woman claimed to receive no tip from some customers. She only discovered this when she went to pick up their signed credit card receipt and found that instead of a gratuity, they had included a note saying they could not support her "lifestyle."

People everywhere were outraged. A person's sexual preference can't be determined by short hair (like the waitress had), and even if it could be, there is no excuse for homophobic treatment of your waitress. A waiter is a waiter! Her story quickly spread and soon everyone was angry over the way this veteran had been treated. 

Now there's been a disturbing and disheartening twist. It seems this waitress, Dayna Morales, has a history of making up elaborate stories -- and this tale of cruel customers might be one of them! For one thing, Morales, who received countless donations after being disgraced by these supposed customers, never passed that money on to the Wounded Warriors fund as she claimed she would.

That could be explained away as a simple misunderstanding ... until the customers accused of wronging Morales finally spoke up. They brought forward their credit card statement to prove that they left Morales an average sized tip for her services. I bet they didn't intend to be repaid with this sort of mistreatment.

It isn't the first lie she's told. Even Morales' service record is shady. She claims to have served overseas, but records indicate that she was never on active duty. It seems like she could be a chronic liar, only now she's drawn more attention to herself than she ever has before. This sort of scandal could have a real impact not just on her, but on the restaurant where she works, which has already come under fire a couple of times during this scandal. 

Do you think Morales should be arrested for fraud?


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worki... workingmama86

Yes she should be arrested and charged for fraud. She accepted donations for something that was untrue. AND she didn't send the money to where it was intended to go. 

jec72579 jec72579

This is truly horrible, not only does she make an innocent family look like bad people, she also makes her employer look terrible for backing her up in the first place too.

It is unbelievable the heinous things people will do to get attention, or money. Maybe she knew that people would send her money. After all, she never did donate the funds she received.....

femal... femaleMIKE

I cant stand chronic liars.

wamom223 wamom223

She should be arrested for fraud.  Rebecca Stokes didn't even share all the lies this girl likes to tell, she doesn't stop at just lying about his but about rape and being and injured vet.  She needs to learn a lesson and we need to send a message that this isn't okay to take advantage of people like this especially at the expense of others.


Wamom,don't forget the cancer!She's a bitch.

nonmember avatar Ya_Think

Finally realizing that 'gay' people are nothing but liars and cheats? Starting with the lie that they where 'born gay' and now this 'thing' lying not only about a VERY nice couple, but about serving in Iraq where HONEST Men are getting killed everyday so she can parade around w/ her 'girlfriend'.

mande... manderspanders

Isn't this old news? Like, I thought all this came out before Thanksgiving...

Tyson Fricker

Well it didn't take long for a troll like Ya_Think to show up. Trolls and this waitress are cut from the same cloth. 

nonmember avatar Seriously?!

Ya_Think, Are you for real? Being gay is not a lie! I can't even comprehend how you can believe that as a truth.

Katha... Katharine205

Perhaps it's a lesson for all of us to listen to all sides of the story before getting all bent out of shape about something

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