Gifts for Your Gluten-Free Friend

Gluten is Evil T-shirt
(Etsy, $17.99)
Let's be honest, being gluten-free around the holidays sucks. There are cookies everywhere. Yummy little gluten-filled appetizers being passed around at parties. So many times saying "looks great, but no thank you."

If you have a gluten-free person on your gift list, throw them a (yummy) bone this holiday with something they can actually enjoy!


tates gift basket

I have sampled many gluten-free cookies and Tate's are the best. These cookies are so buttery and delicious that you don't miss the gluten one bit. (Tates Bake Shop, $38)


Kyotofu gift box

I've never had the opportunity to sample these artisanal baked goods from Kyotofu, a Japanese dessert bar in New York City, but I'd like to! The packaging is gorgeous, making this a great gift. (Williams-Sonoma, $39.95)


Gluten is my Bitch


Gluten intolerance and celiac disease are serious business, but that doesn't mean we can't laugh about our gastric injustice. Gluten is My Bitch mixes memoir with recipes, all with a healthy dose of funny. (Amazon, $16.04)

coffee syrup

Unfortunately those yummy lattes at chain coffee shops aren't always gluten-free. So, give your friend the ingredients like this Vanilla Bean Infused Syrup to make delicious coffee drinks at home. (Williams-Sonoma, $12.95)


haribo gummi bears

Don't forget to throw some gummi bears in the stocking! (Amazon, $4.98)

For more gluten-free gift ideas, check out my Gluten-Free Gifts board at The Prowl.


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