7 Cute & Quirky Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The following is from our sponsor, SavingStar.

Still have a few gifts to buy? No worries -- our suggestions will make your job easier. We’ve got delightfully unique stocking stuffers for everyone on your list!

  1. Ninjabread Man cookie cutters: These are the perfect combination of playful and a little practical -- after all, you can use them to shape sweet treats all year long, not just at Christmastime. A lighthearted gift perfect for kids and grownups alike.
  2. Mustache coffee mug: Perk up their morning cup of coffee or tea with a fun and whimsical mug like this one (bundle it with some gourmet teabags or coffee grounds for an added bonus).
  3. Auto coin cup: Keep track of your change on the go with this neat little gizmo that tallies up the value of coins as they’re pushed through the slot.
  4. Lego Star Wars kids' watch: Little ones who love Legos and/or Star Wars will be happy to check the time when they’re wearing this adorable watch.
  5. Onion goggles: Treat the chef in your life to a future of tear-free onion chopping!
  6. “I’m calling Santa!” kitchen towel: Need a hostess gift? Here’s a humorous little something to bring to a party (wrap it around a bottle of wine if you like).
  7. Rockee parrot toothbrush: Suitable for all ages, this adorable toothbrush will stay “perched” on your countertop without falling over -- no more toothpaste mess near the sink!

What fun stocking stuffers have you given or received?

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