6 Kitchen Essentials That Make Great Holiday Gifts

measuring cupsIf you're anything like me, Christmas is a time to hunker down and get to baking! I have certain cookie recipes that I only make but once a year, and nothing makes me happier than whipping them up during the holiday season and sharing them with friends.

One of my friends, however, is a professional cookie baker, and though I'm sure she'd enjoy whatever I gave her even if it wasn't as good as her own stuff -- I just can't handle giving her my paltry baked goods. I am always left scrambling to find the perfect gift to present her with instead of my homemade cookies.


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What was once just one non-cookie gift in my circle of friends has quickly expanded. I blame the 'foodie' boom. Oh sure, now we all know how to cook with kale. The trade-off? A lot more friends who can tell that my cookies are maybe not the greatest on the planet. This all led to me coming up with some choice gift ideas for chefs and foodies! I thought I'd share some of them with you now.

1. Stylish Apron

Half the fun of cooking is getting royally messy. The other half is still looking good even mostly covered in flour. This awesome apron will definitely help on both counts.

2. Cute Measuring Cups

When it comes to perfectly replicating that recipe, measurements are crucial! But that doesn't mean you need to use boring measuring cups, so sirree-bob.

3. Cocktail Markers

Keep cooties to a minimum with these cuties! This vast assortment of funny and striking cocktails markers will help keep your drink yours all night long.

4. Spoon Rest

Even your basics can be beautiful. Keep your counter clean with this stylish spoon rest -- the perfect foodie gift!

5. A Good Knife

Nothing is more essential to a fully stocked kitchen than an all-purpose chef's knife. Show you know your stuff and knock 'em out with this stellar gift.

6. Silicone Baking Pad

This gift keeps on giving -- literally! Save your friend's time (and moolah spent on parchment paper) with one of these awesome silicone mats. They keep even the stickiest treats from hanging around on baking trays.

What's on your chef's wish list this holiday season?


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