Waiter Pranks Diner With Creepy Bug Joke That Just Feels REALLY Wrong (VIDEO)

roach prankQuick, name the one thing you'd most hate to see at a restaurant. Besides a mouse. And besides vomit. Okay, actually, there are a lot of gross things you'd hate to see at a restaurant. It's hard to narrow them all down to one. But there's one little critter I bet would be near the top of everyone's list: A cockroach. Well, I hope you're not eating right now, because I've got a prank video involving a waiter and a cockroach. Put your sandwich down, I'm warning you. It's pretty creepy.


Hah! I love how she pounds the table after the prank -- it's just so horrible she has to hit something.

So what do you think, did that happen to her before or after she ate? I hope it was after, because if it happened before, I don't see how you could possibly order food and eat it with the image of a roach on your hand lodged permanently in your brain. Ugh!

How did he do that, anyway? I had to re-watch the video and I have to say, that waiter is pretty slick with the sleight-of-hand tricks. I can spot the moment when he could have slipped in the roach, but I don't know how she couldn't have felt it.

Anyway, since this video is in Russian, there's a lot of W-questions we can't answer. Who are these people? Where is this restaurant? Would this happen to me if I dined there? Why would a waiter want you to see a roach on your hand? Will that woman ever return to that restaurant ever again? And finally, WTF, man? WTF. All we have is this singular moment of grossness.

Enjoy your dinner, everyone.

What would you do if your waiter pulled this prank on you?


Image via Bntaruu Pyrnh/YouTube

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