Mystery Tipper Leaves Thousands of Dollars in Restaurants Around the Country


tips for jesusAn amazing thing is happening at restaurants all across the country. A mystery diner has been leaving thousands of dollars in tips anonymously, leaving just the signature @TipsForJesus. And then those tips get posted via the TipsForJesus Instagram account. According to one count, over $54,000 in tips have been left in the name of Jesus. 

This is wonderful and everything, but who is leaving these huge tips?!? We have to wonder. Here are my best guesses.

1. Jesus. Who would have thought that the second coming of Christ would involve social media in this way? But this kind of is the 21st century version of the loaves and the fishes, if you think about it. 

2. Lotto winner. Someone who read all those sad stories about what really happens to lottery winners decided to choose another path. Rather than buy a boat, a McMansion, and who knows what else, they decided it give it all away. But first we eat! They're also doing a little traveling around the country, eating at their favorite places.

3. A megachurch. Maybe it's not one person -- maybe it's a group of people, and they've all pooled their resources to tip. And then at some point they're going to reveal themselves and become even more popular than Joel Osteen.

4. Joel Osteen. This explains so much! No, actually, it doesn't.

5. Santa Claus. Why not? 'Tis the season and all that. I mean, it's probably Santa and his elves, and that would explain all the traveling around the country. Clearly the elves are checking up on who's been naughty and nice.

6. Hanukkah Harry. Why not?

Who do you think @TipsForJesus really is?


Image via TipsForJesus/Instagram


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ZamEnt25 ZamEnt25

How funny that bc its Tips for Jesus, the writer is throwing jabs, or even making a joke out of it. When someone is leaving money and its not for God, then its unbelievable, impressive and SO commendable!

BirdCo BirdCo

If it's on a credit card it can't be much of a mystery. Or is the card issued to tips for Jesus?

nonmember avatar Ashley

The bank doesn't PAY these charges. Large tips usually set off fraud alerts and the charges don't get paid to begin with, but if you aren't signing it with your name or are obviously signing it as something ridiculous, then it's also going to get kicked back. This is a great way to eat an expensive meal and not have to pay for the thing. This is NOT some great deed in the name of "Jesus". It's a scam and you're stupid.

redK8... redK8blueSt8

Actually Ashley, this one is not a scam.

It's been at random locations all over the US, and even one instance at a cafe in Notre Dame that didn't give the waiter the $K tip and the "tipsforJesus" heard about it and showed the bank statement where the tip was included in the amount removed from the account and to hire a lawyer if the restaurant doesn't give him his tip because if not they've stolen it from him.

Sometimes people just want to be generous. It's sad that we live in a society where that is an oddity, and where it is used as a scam, but this one is legit.

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