5 Classic Gifts People Still Love to Give & Get

SavingStarThere are some gifts that just never go out of style. You know, the ones that feature prominently in gift guides year after year. Maybe the styles change a bit, but the gifts themselves are such classics, they’re great for anyone on your list.


Popcorn maker: Back before microwaves, people made popcorn right on the stove-top, either in a lidded pot or a cool contraption like this, which makes the process that much more fun. Throw in a jar of gourmet popping corn or a couple of cute serving bowls if you want, and you have a perfect go-to hostess or teacher gift.

Gloves: You always could do with a spare pair, right? To keep in the car, at the office, in a spare coat ... wherever! Well, the same goes for everyone else. If you know the giftee’s sense of style, go for something along those lines, or stick to timeless classics like neutral-colored leather or (for the luxe budget) cashmere-lined gloves.

Peppermint bark: Um, hello seasonal yumminess! You can find this tasty treat just about anywhere, at any price range, from upscale gourmet brands to less expensive (but still delicious) versions available at your local drugstore or home store.

Socks: And we don’t mean boring athletic socks. Think instead of fun, quirky, and memorable pairs, with cool patterns or bold colors that will make the recipient smile.

Stationery: Here’s something you can easily have monogrammed, if you’re looking to give a gift that’s a little more personal. With so many patterns and styles available, from traditional to ultramodern, you’ll have no shortage of options to choose from.

What’s your “go-to” holiday gift?


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