8 Holiday Don'ts for Saving My Precious Sanity This Season

Now that Thanksgiving is in our turkey-smeared rearview mirror, the holiday season is in full swing. We can no longer eye-roll the marketing and messaging for starting too early, because like it or not, Christmas is just a month away. It is officially time to begin freaking the eff out.

Well, it is if you're me, anyway. I have a tendency to spend December in a sort of constant pinball TILT mode, panicked by massive to-do lists, increased expenditures, family members who are seriously impossible to shop for, and the nagging fear that I'm not making the holidays special enough because I didn't make any adorable glitter-dusted pinecones or ornament wreaths or felt poinsettia leaves or ANY CRAFTS WHATSOEVER OH GOD WHY AM I SUCH A LOSER.

Anyway. This year, I am determined to make some changes. By Santa's beard, I swear I am NOT going to mentally unravel this December -- and here are my eight steps for retaining my sanity, one Holiday Don't at a time.

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nonmember avatar Carrie

I didn't click on your slideshow, next time make it scrollable. However, I don't understand why people stress so much during the holidays. Enjoy your family and stop stressing about trivial things. It ,Ames zero sense to me why people stress about choosing the perfect gift. It's a gift. If they don't like it, they can buy themselves their own stuff!

JS0512 JS0512

Carrie - not everyone is cut from the same cloth.  Some people (even those trying to find the perfect gift) don't stress at all.  Some of us tend to become more stressed than others.  I have all my holiday shopping done, the house is already decorated and I'm still a giant ball of stress, and will remain so until December 26th.

nonmember avatar Lori

I always stress out a bit during the holidays. I have such fond memories of Christmas time as a child and I want to make sure to create fun memories for my kids. My husband is great, but when it comes to traditions and holidays, I'm the one who does it. Having the entire burden on my shoulders is sometimes stressful, but it's more stressful to have him help and wait until the last minute when he gets it done. The past two years I've concentrated on making the holiday special for the kids and everything else falls into place. Plus, since they are a little older I've started asking them what they like best about Christmas - after they tell me presents, they've had some surprising answers. I make sure to pay special attention to what they like and let other stuff I thought was important slide.

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