8 Holiday Cookie Recipes Almost Too Adorable to Eat

cute cookies holidaysPsst, I know you're busy working on Thanksgiving dinner right now. But can we talk about holiday cookies? I know it's a leetle bit early, but as far as I'm concerned, any time is a good time to think about cookies. So bookmark this post and maybe come back to it and dream while you're digesting that turkey over the weekend. Here is an array of super-cute holiday cookie recipes you'll drool over. 


Chocolate Crinkle Cookies: Obviously we have to begin this list with chocolate. This particular version includes ground espresso to deepen the chocolate flavor, but you can skip it. There's also the option to give it a peppermint twist.

Snowflake Macarons filled with Vanilla White Chocolate Ganache: I'm going to get real with you here -- this cookie is way beyond my skill set. But it's gorgeous and I want to believe at least one of you out there, reading this, is capable of pulling it off.

Melting Snowman Cookies: I'm dying over how cute these are -- they're melting my heart. This is your basic sugar cookie recipe with some clever decorating -- a malt ball and some candy covered in white frosting. Or you can make them with little marshmallows for the heads, or peanut butter cups like with these melting snowman cookies.

Christmas Mice: I'm not even sure this qualifies as a cookie, but it's adorable. You're just covering a maraschino cherry in chocolate and adding a Hershey's Kiss and slivered almond ears. 

Spritz Canes: These lovely candy cane-shaped cookies are simply piped out of a cookie press. 

Minty Meringues: In the same peppermint family! These light, fluffy cookies get a chocolate coating.

Stained-Glass Cookies: A classic. I remember making these when I was a little girl. The cookie dough itself is just your favorite sugar cookie -- it's all about that melted candy in the center. 

Santa Hat Brownie Bites: Oh my God, just look -- miniature brownies topped with an upside-down strawberry to look like Santa's hat. These are not technically cookies, but they're so freakin' cute. And easy!

What are your favorite holiday cookie recipes?


Image via dancingninja28/Instagram

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